o hai!

I'm Aoife.
I'm an arteest, deeziner, dragon, pastafariat, aries, and all around swell chick. I like monkeyz. In the eternal question of which is better... ninja pirates or zombie sasquach... ninjas and pirates win every time. Not even a hard question. Don't ask me to choose between the two though, pirates are sacred and ninjas are really frickin cool... so I can't decide.

I like monkeyz.
I know I said that, but it's my stoopit page and I'll say what I want to. This is because monkeyz are awsum. Really frickin awsum!

Why are monkeyz awsum?
Because of their tails. Their tails are reallyreally cool. And monkeyz are cute. Seriously. Go search for images on the interweb of monkeyz. How many are not cute? Practically zero. Hence my original stipulation: monkeyz are cute.

So yeah. There's really not much to see here, this is just a place to be able to go to far more interesting (or not, depending on whether you're entertained by raving lunacy) pages. Like: